Let's Create A Style Book.....



Founder Aimee Fulchino brings a life-long love of fashion, an impeccable eye, and a deep understanding of the human form to A Style Book. For years she has been Director of a Barre studio in Baltimore, Maryland. That love of physical expression dovetails beautifully with her approach to personalized fashion – it is merely a continuance of the honoring of the female form.

Brought to life with tireless research, determination, and passion, A Style Book is Aimee’s vision for curating unique and coveted designs for women, at a personal level. So as a stylist, Aimee couples her knowledge of the body with her tremendous design sensibility to help clients celebrate their individuality, and to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. 


“I have loved fashion all my life and have been putting outfits together for friends and family for as 

long as I can remember.  

To this day, my entire bedroom and workspaces are covered in fashion looks I love! I mix and match. Always. From an early age I’ve learned from the top designers, and how they strike combinations. I’m certain that I could go into any woman’s closet and find a way to make an outfit sing. Crucially, I have developed the ability to mix high and low, bringing new character to each. I firmly believe that not every item in your wardrobe needs to be designer or break the bank. I’ll work with you to mix styles, to keep you relevant and relaxed. It would be a joy to advise you, to dress you, to style you, and in so doing to give you the kind of inner peace that comes from a special glow of confidence.”

You are Busy


I know you are busy! As a working mom of three boys, Aimee gets it! A Style Book's goal is to put the "fun" in functional fashion.  "I  know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that's why I am committed to being your source for the newest trends. "

We will create A Style Book you love, so you can focus on the rest of your busy life while looking great.

Our secret is sourcing. 

We do the work so you don’t have to. 

We source directly from a wide variety of top designers, so our clients will have access to their unique and sometimes rare designs and looks. The designs and designers hail from around the world and make the highest quality clothing – outfits not normally found in stores. We continually have our fingers on the pulse of what is hot now, what is coming next year, and what is timeless and classic. Clothes that you will wear for a lifetime.



 Every woman has her own grace and power. Our job at 

A Style Book is to elevate both. That is why we view each woman as a unique canvas, special, and see their bodies as  a tableau for their personal creative expression.

In this busy world today, contemporary fashion is all around us. 

It can be both exciting to contemplate yet intimidating and time consuming to shop for. A Style Book offers a calm, personalized approach to styling, an intimate experience that will allow each of our customers access to both classic and forward-looking designs, personally styled in an array of combinations that will allow each woman’s inner self to shine.