What I learned in 2016 and some resolutions for 2017

Heavier than I usually share, but one of my resolutions is to be more honest, open, and true to who I am. Something I also learned this year is that I love writing! It was very therapeutic to write this and put it out there.

If any of you are also working on any of the things listed below or have in the past, please let me know!

That I don’t like when things are out of my control.

I’ve always known this, but in 2016 I saw it like a big flashing sign up against my eyeballs. This comes in big and small terms such as my fear of people I love disappearing to what time I want to be somewhere. 

That it’s okay to not be okay and ask for help.

I really hate this fact. That sometimes we can’t fix things ourselves. I am still working on being comfortable with this. I really hate it. Have always hated admitting I have a problem as well as asking anyone to help me.

But in 2016, I am very proud of myself for finally seeking help for an issue I had been aware of for some time. A few months ago, I surrendered in desperation (I recently heard the term “the gift of desperation”. It is a gift because sometimes it’s the push you need), opened up and shared with a professional what had been going on, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my current and future life. I’ve learned waiting for a problem to dissipate or fix itself never works out and sometimes things are beyond your control. It’s a real bummer. Even though it hasn’t been a perfect road since, I have also learned this year that progress is a more important focus over perfection.

I envision speaking openly about my experience in the future, because it’s more common than people think (or at least that I was aware of), and it’s been difficult finding people my age that do talk about it, but not yet. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to be more honest with myself, in turn I hope it will give me the courage to become more open and closer to those around me as I feel I’ve lost a lot of relationships over the past year or so from my need to isolate myself.

Not to compare yourself to others and practice patience.

Especially being in the beginning stages of starting my own platform (plus my other professional endeavors), it has been a challenge not to compare myself with other more established ones and feel the pressure to be a certain way. 

This is my own creation and I can do whatever I want with it – this I remind myself. Also, that it’s all in the process and if I stop having fun with it along the way, what’s the point? This calls to reinforce always staying true to who you are – something I’m continually working on into the new year throughout my daily life as well as my desire to create content that stays close and true to who I am that I really really love.

I love the internet. (And have a slight obsession with YouTube)

Yes, I love the internet. I freakin’ love it.

I have very much kept to myself in 2016, so being able to discover different people and things while feeling the need to keep to myself was actually really comforting at times (sounds a little crazy when I type that out, but it makes sense in my head). I love discovering all types of people with so many different backgrounds, talents, and stories. It’s so cool how we can discover and connect with people all over the world that have had or are going through similar experiences as ours. While it is very comforting and reassuring, it helps me learn about myself and to feel more confident. I also love being able to get a peek into people’s lives that I would never get to otherwise. Right now, I’m really into British fashion and lifestyle bloggers/vloggers.

It’s inspiring when people are shamelessly honest and open about who they are and what their story is – especially the not-so-great parts and are very honest about their struggles in a strong and empowering way. This is also a resolution of mine for 2017.

Having compassion is one of the most important traits to have.

People surprised me in 2016. Not that I thought I didn’t have compassionate people in my life,  I have always been very critical of myself therefore I have always figured others will be too. When I opened up about something that filled me with shame and wasn’t expecting to get a compassionate and loving response, I did. I have always wanted to think the best of people and am so grateful to already have and have recently met individuals so filled with compassion and willingness to offer support when someone needs it. I’ve learned you can always find people willing to help and that people can be wonderful. THANK YOU!

That we like what we like and to love the crap out of it. (No matter what anyone else says)

In 2016, I learned and worked on being comfortable liking what I actually like! Still a work in progress, but I have felt so much pressure in the past to like certain things and be a certain way, that this is one of the most special things going into 2017. A resolution of mine is to keep it going!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy new year and looking forward to 2017!


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