Mental Health Tips: Ideas For Improving Your Self-Care Routine

Over the last year, I have been on a mission to take better care of myself. While I am not always successful, at the end of the day I am reminded of how important self-care is. It’s a domino effect.

Today, I am sharing some things I am starting and plan on starting this weekend because I feel I need to revamp my routine a bit. You truly can’t get away with it for long until you’re forced to snap back into it and remind yourself you can’t give from an empty cup.

Enjoy! Let me know if you try any of these out!

1. Create a Toolbox

mental health tips

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This is a box that can hold as many or only a few of your favorite things. Items that make you feel good and comforted when you need them. Having a toolbox on hand can provide comfort and strategies to encourage positive thinking, and prove to be an invaluable asset on a rough day!

We all cope differently, so it’s useful to try various “coping methods” and activities to see what works best for you. This includes testing out different things to see what is the most comforting and affective.

Write down a list of things that comfort you emotionally, physically, and mentally, then see what ones you want to put in your box.

2. Print Out Photos Special To You

With so many ways to store photos these days, we forget the importance of having a physical copy. These photos can be from special moments in your life to people you cherish, bringing you love and joy. You don’t even need to frame them! Put them in a frame if you’d like, but just make sure they are in places that will remind you of those good feelings.

3. Start A New Book

mental health tips

I feel like I’ve read 10 times the number of books in the last 6 months than I have in my entire life. My go-to is audiobooks, and the new one I’m on right now is Gabby Bernstein’s book ‘Spirit Junkie‘. I highly recommend any of her books! Brene Brown has great ones too.

My recommendations:

You can also check out MindBodyGreen’s list ’10 Books That Double As My Spiritual Life Coaches

4. Write In A New Journal

mental health tips

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Blank slate and with a positive cover. Journaling is something I’ve been trying to be more consistent with. Getting a new journal with blank pages is always exciting to start and re-energize your journal habit.

5. Take Time To Go Out And Take Photos Of Places You Enjoy

When I start to think of the spots in town that hold special meanings to me, a big list and memories rush in. So it seems like a nice attempt to bottle up those good memories attached to those spots. Take a part of the day on a weekend to visit and take a photo of each spot.

6. Self-Care Power Hour

I got this idea from a post I saw on Pinterest a couple weeks ago. Basically, you set aside an hour and every 20 minutes do something dedicated to your mind, body, then soul. You can try this out every morning if you’re able to wake up an hour earlier or pick a time that works best for you.

Ideas for each:






Breathing Exercise






Exercise Class


Start a DIY project

Look at pictures you love

Watch a TED Talk



7. Declutter

Whether this is on your phone, in your bedroom, car, entire house – getting rid of things you don’t need always feels so good. Am in the midst of a clean out in my room, letting go of things that no longer serve me and those that simply use up too much space. I also recently did this with social media, unfollowing and removing accounts or pins on Pinterest that I don’t see aiding to my well-being and in line with my current life goals.

mental health tips

On my list of books to read is ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘ by Marie Kondo. Have always heard good things about her book!

8. Aromatherapy: Try Diffusing New Oils Specific To Your Goal

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I’ve mentioned before how much I love my oil diffuser and am mentioning it again because I find it does help! You don’t need a super expensive diffuser to get the benefits. I found mine on amazon and got a variety pack of all different oils along with it.

If you’re just starting aromatherapy out, I suggest getting one of the variety packs of all the different oils and seeing which ones work best for you. Pictured left is a chart specifying which one targets which goal. I would try several different ones out at first to get a good idea of how you react to certain oils.

My favorites are peppermint and eucalyptus, I find they are really relaxing, smell good, and help me with stress and anxiety!

9. Discover A New Type Of Meditation

At first I thought there was only one form of meditation, you attempt to clear your mind the best you can to simply refresh. I guess this isn’t the case. Apparently, there are many different meditations you can do specific to your goal.

There are plenty of guides across the internet on what the different types are and how to practice them.

Find one guide here on – Types of Meditation – An Overview of 23 Meditation Techniques

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Please let me know if you try any of these out or have done them in the past!

Have a great weekend!


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