New Beginnings November in Self Care

Hi everyone!

It has been a minute so I wanted to say hi and share my excitement for the brand new month and that we are now rolling into holiday season – please cue the garland and twinkling lights! With any change of the month or season, there always seems to be a pull towards embracing the opportunity of starting something new. I have always been a huge supporter of making changes and adjustments, on a personal level or otherwise when maybe you are just curious or feel like you need to in order to do better for yourself.

This month is special for me because I recently made an important decision in favor of my own personal health and well-being that will allow me to do just that. Eventually down the road, I look forward to being able to share this particular experience with all of you. Change can be scary, but you are truly never alone even if you love to tell yourself you are (I’m guilty of that one too!). When in doubt, even this foxtato is cheering for you.


Is anyone else undergoing some kind of change – personal, professional, etc? Maybe you’re even trying out a new hair color or walking your dog in a different park. Whatever it is big or small, I would absolutely love to hear!

Meanwhile, here are some self care tips aka fun things from different bloggers, good books, sites, and YouTube videos for all the good feels and reminding yourself you can get through any tough stuff:

self care tips

As always, thank you so much for reading!! Catch you next time!

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