Rocksbox Is A Bangin’ Jewelry Box


I am always looking for new jewelry and different staples to have for everyday wear but also for special occasions. So often I find myself wearing the same darn rotation of 3 statement necklaces I’ve owned for years to every special event I attend. It makes me feel so predictable… but as they say and how I feel currently in my life, times are a changin’. Big time. Here came Rocksbox to the rescue.

About a month ago I was contacted to try out something I hadn’t heard about before, a designer jewelry subscription box called Rocksbox. They let you borrow 3 pieces at a time, you can send them back whenever you want and swap for new ones! This is perfect because then you get to wear a different set of pieces every couple weeks if you choose, have the option to even purchase any item you receive, and can cancel at any time (the best feeling).

After sifting through countless pieces on their website you curate a ‘wishlist’, mine totaled to a cool 86, then a member of their team chooses 3 items to send to you in a really cute box (pictured above). They top it off with ribbon and include a personalized note about each item and which member of their team picked them out for you. Thank you Molly!

So far I have kept these same 3 items for this past month because I love them so much and am having a hard time parting with them. I keep telling myself I should send them back so that I can get fun new ones… The goal is I get to the post office early this week.

Here are my 3 current pieces:

1. gorjana’s Taner Charm Bracelet

     Have had this baby on since I opened up the box. Gorjana is an amazing company and brand that has also founded Team Hunger, donating over 35,000 meals for hungry families throughout Orange County.

We are all one. Be altruistic, be more patient, be kinder, and be less judgmental. We are all here on a journey. Find more compassion for others and love for the whole. – gorjana

2. Perry Street’s Olivia Necklace

     Cannot find this to purchase online, only through Rocksbox, so I guess you’ll just have to subscribe. :)


Wore this out casually and also to a gala with this backless BCBG jumpsuit.



3. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Magenta

I am always seeing Kendra Scott earrings pop up everywhere. They are so hot right now and so bright and fun. You can wear them with an emerald dress standing with a Bieber balloon on your birthday like I did last week or even use them to dress up your plants.


Check out their website and see what you think! If you decide you want to try it you can use my code: astylebookxoxo and get your first month free! If you sign up, send me your thoughts, what you got, and where you wore them!

As always, thank you for reading! Next post coming on Friday!


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