Last-Minute Gift Ideas that Encourage Others to Invest in Themselves

Didn’t think I’d share holiday gift ideas because I’ve felt like every single blog does one and they all just seem the same. I’ve enjoyed sifting through a few but when thinking about how I wanted to contribute to the gift suggestion pool, I was unsure. Couldn’t put a finger on how to make mine different.

IF I created one, I wanted it to be unique and close to me. Not a gift guide filled with shiny objects because they’re shiny or pieces that are fancy because… they’re, like really, fancy. Yes, many of us ask for things like these because we want them (We like what we like!) but I wanted to contribute something outside of that.

So comes yesterday.

I received an indescribably thoughtful gift from someone very close. It was unexpected and came at the perfect time. While the thing itself is wonderful, it wasn’t so much about that. What made me so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude was what it represented, that the person found it important to graciously give, and the fact that it will open doors for self-growth. Soon after, I decided what I wanted this gift guide to be. All I could think about was compiling material gifts that go beyond the physical and elevate self-empowerment, in the interest of paying it forward.

Though there are countless wonderful gifts that aren’t things – be it love, friendship, trust, or compassion – in the season of giving things tend to take the spotlight. So what if the objects could also encourage the person you’re giving it to to invest in themselves?

Throughout my recent search and discovery of trying out different things that can better myself, it’s become more and more clear how important it is to take care and invest in ourselves. That is the best gift. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, right? So it’s only a domino effect from there so that we can also give our best to others and the rest of the world.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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