Feel Good Friday: Get Out of a Funk with Positive Fashion


Someone once told me to spin any negative energy I am feeling into something positive. Maybe that person was me giving myself a pep talk because that is among the many kinds of things I reiterate to myself, but I have always believed that any difficult or negative thing can should be turned into something good.

I have been feeling weird this week and am not sure why. Something feels off. Actually, I know a few things that could be the culprits but I cannot get this sinking feeling to release it’s hold on me. Yesterday, I even made a list of things I could immediately do to hopefully ward it off. I was even wearing my cute new espadrilles too! All of these things brought some luck but unfortunately did not provide the cure. What do you do when you feel this way?

After deciding on the subject of this post, I discovered a co-worker in a wonder woman top complete with a cape attached. She gets it… and makes it even better because that one piece of clothing makes the days of the children we work with brighter. Best of both worlds!

Share your own fashions (and actions) that help lift you out of a funk. Here is some positive reinforcement to swaddle yourself in:

 Positive Fashion | A Style Book

‘Believe in Yourself’ button up / ‘Babe’ hat / ‘Happy Everything’ planner / ‘Note to Self’ notepad / ‘Bossbabe’ bracelet / ‘Favorite tee’ t-shirt / Rainbow pj’s / ‘everyday.grateful.’ bra / Emoji shoes / ‘Positive Vibes’ tank

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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