Guide To Fall Jackets For Every Budget

Fall jacket time is here!

There is one thing that trumps the rest when it comes to fall outfits: The Jacket. The Jacket is what covers a portion of your beloved ensemble and that one might be your favorite worn all year. It’s a big deal what you choose to cover that baby up. The Jacket is what you share your day with throughout the season, bringing it with you everywhere you go like a reliable companion (and those are hard to come by). Meanwhile, The Jacket says everything (or at least a lot) and I am a person that not only wants mine to reflect my vibe that day but also be somewhat cohesive with the rest of the pieces I have on. It has to work with me. Do you agree?

As I finished typing that last sentence, I noticed myself start to quickly click my pen while blankly staring at the screen which I can only decode is because of this topic. Outerwear is stressful. As I mentioned earlier, there is so much that goes into a jacket that it’s so hard to pick one (or even a few). How many times can I say the word “jacket” in a post? So far I’m on a roll. Maybe we’ll be the top search result on Google when someone types it in. Fingers crossed.

It is so hard to find a jacket coat you love and to foretell what you’ll be feeling that season. Do you get new ones each year or solely rely on those you’ve loved and have worn out for years? I have a mix of both, rips in the armpits and all. Am I going to bring the latter out again this year? You bet I am and you should too. No judgments. Ever.

This reminds me of a time a few years ago, my mother strongly suggesting that I quit wearing one of my most cherished coats (classic wool blend black trench), insisting it was “disgusting”. How dare her but OK fine I had worn it for years, it had several rips, everything stuck to it, and I guess those things were obvious. But they say love is blind, right? It may have looked disgusting to some but I loved that thing and felt good wearing it. Who cares if everyone else is repulsed by the sight of it? Maybe that’s why I didn’t have any friends. Just kidding.

Currently, my closet holds a variety of what I would say are my “trendier” outerwear pieces and then a couple classics such as a staple puffy coat and classic trench. Expense-wise, I tend to invest in the classics and then go for more affordable when looking for trendier ones. My favorite places to find affordable and trendy coats are H&M, Forever 21, and ASOS. Below is a range by price point of favorites I’ve found along my search! Tried to give a range of choices, hope you enjoy! (Links all below!)

What are your thoughts on The Jacket? Have you had a similar experience to one I mentioned?

Fall Jackets For Every Budget

Under $50

Velvet Green Bomber / Faux Fur / Navy Blazer / Pink Bomber

$50 – $100

Dark Velvet / Cranberry Long Coat / White Frock / Denim Bomber

$100 – $200

Metallic Embroidered / White Fur / Pink Long / Velvet Embroidered Black & Red / Navy Long


Pink Fur / Leather Jacket / Oversized Denim / Brown Biker / Black & White Boucle

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