VELVET Fashion Trend (Under $100)

My experience with velvet begins and ends within dancewear. From my favorite leotards when I was little to heavily rhinestoned costumes for competition, those have been the only times I’ve sported the fabric. Other than that, I have purposefully steered clear. Maybe it was the less-than-chic full length unitard I was forced to wear onstage in ’04 that ruined it for me, who knows. Now, it is this fall’s hottest fashion trend which I cannot stop seeing with every scroll of my ‘fall fashion trends’ Google searches. Plus, if I have to see one more “All Fashion Girls Are Wearing THIS Trend” email subject line I thought I’d admittedly lose it and unsubscribe but here I am, celebrating the same darn thing they were eluding to: this velvet fashion trend. 

Other than dance, I have always thought of velvet as something my grandmother would wear or those sweatsuits (sometimes bedazzled) I’ve always been less than jazzed about. But…The game has recently changed for me. For a little history, velvet had always been associated with royalty and that made more and more sense upon looking at all the different options of styles offered this season. So confession: I think I have discovered a new guilty pleasure. With all of these fresh new gem-colored pieces with super feminine cuts, I have found myself seeing velvet in a much more elegant and (very) sexy way.  

There are so many trends this season that I cannot seem to find a common thread except for this one. I have seen everything from ‘Romantic’ to ‘Military’ to one coined as ’Granny’s Great Adventure’. Currently not sold on that granny one but it sounds like it could be fun – I love grandmothers and adventures so I’m not completely ruling it out. WHO WHAT WEAR ensures all of us that, “All of nana’s favorites are in here, but they’re powered up in terms of exotic prints, colors and styling combinations.” So basically grab your nana immediately and collaborate for some new #OOTDs.

Below are (some of) my favorite velvet pieces for the season under $100 because velvet is meant for more than royalty, AKA us! The pieces are clickable but you can also get them all down below :)


Velvet Fashion Trend (Under $100)

Image Map


Tops: Red Bodysuit ($39.90) | Silver Top ($22.90) | Bright Pink Top ($19.90) | Mustard Wrap Tank ($46)

Dresses: Embroidered Dress ($72)Red Slip Dress ($49.90) | Embellished Collar ($20)

Bottoms: Red Skirt ($40.80) | Navy Pant ($39.99) | Emerald Short ($44) | Black Legging ($35)

Shoes: First row – Black Bootie ($76.97) | Navy Loafer ($49.90) | Black Heel ($85) | Cranberry Sneaker ($39.90)

                      Second row – Pink Sneaker ($89.95) | Nude Pump ($49) | Light Purple Slipper ($48) | Navy Loafer Boot ($42)

Accessories: Bow Headband ($8.50) | Pink Roll Clutch ($34) | Embroidered Crossbody ($49.90) | Choker ($38) | Cat Purse ($30)

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