Affordable Swimwear 2017

     Traveled to Anna Maria Island, FL last week for a moment away! It was so beautiful and made me really question why I choose to live in a cold climate a.k.a. the Midwest…

     I am always on the hunt for good deals and for a quick getaway it doesn’t make sense for me to spend too much on new pieces to pack. This bathing suit (pictured right) is from Forever 21 last summer and the wrap is actually a scarf still in stock and also in other colors. See the shop page and underneath the suits here for those!

     Below are affordable swimsuits including scarves for around your waist (that are only $9 and $12!). While I love looking at the more expensive swimsuits, I can’t bring myself to spend that for a short vacation and when it’s only warm (where I am) about 4 months out of the year!

Enjoy and happy first day of spring!!

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